Now you'll get something like this. It could be imported out of your display window, just look for it. In point editor mode you can see the soon-to-be hairs.

Import your female figure with the Niki's Poser import utility (

Now we'll adjust the skull cap in polygonal mode with the magnet tool with the nearest point method activated. It has to fit the head of your model but doesn't hve to be perfect. If it's "below" the surface of your head is better because the hairs we'll be atached to the skull. Don't deform it too much because you'll have to repeat this process with the other two parts of the hair you exported before and maybe they won't be identicals, but we don't want an enterly different style of hair for each one ; ).

It doesn't have to take you more than a couple of minutes. I use the magnet tool with a 25 setting in this scale because it let me deform large enough areas. Rotate your view and only watch for the edges.

Now that you have adjusted your skull cap, delete it. In poly mode select all the faces and then select "point selection from poly..." in you selection menu. and now you can delete the skull cap keeping the rest of the vertex.

Select all the vertex.