In the Structure tab copy the vertex.

Now crate a spline with only one click (one vertex). Select this vertex and delete it, keeping the spline "empty". Now edit the properties of the spline:

Type "linear"

Close Spline "deselect"

Intermediate points "none"

Now, in the Structure tab edit-paste the vertex you copied before from the mesh. You have the spline but it's a continuous spline. with no separated hairs. We'll fix this.

Now we have to select the tips of every hair in order to break the spline in those segments.

Select one of the tips vertex and see in the Structure tab wich number it has. If your hair has 10 vertex the number will end with 9. We'll select all the numbers that end in 9.

Deselect all the vertex.

Select only the first line in the Structure tab list.

Add a new line, select this line and drag it to the top of your list.

Run the Splinemizer plugin from Samir Kharchi ( ).

In the Punktemasse blank type "9" (Have care, if your spline is too heavy the program will crash, in this case, type the number in another program and copy-paste it).

Check in your display window if all the tips are selected. If not, well, you'll have to check from the begining (poser) what went wrong. bad number of vertex (no 10), you didn't delete the first vertex you make when created the spline, etc.

If your sline has 20 or other number of vertex per hair, you'll have to add more "new lines" and change the number in the Punktemasse space (maybe 10 lines and 19 in the blank space), you'll have to experiment util all the tips are selected.

Caution: if you select the "base" vertex of the hair or any other hair you'll get something odd.