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In the Structure menu (not tab) select Edit Spline-Break Segment.

Delete the selected vertex.

When you break a segment the next two segments connected with the selected vertex disappear, this is why you get a shorter hair.

Now you have the hair as should be (almost).

Repeat the steps with the other two hair objects (watch step 6):

1. Import with the morphloader plugin

2. Adjsut the skullcap with magnet in poly mode.

3. Delete the skull cap selecting all the faces and getting a point selection from polys.

4. Select all the vertex.

5. Copy them in the Structure tab.

6. Duplicate the spline with the hair (Ctrl-click-drag), delete all the vertex, and paste the copied vertex in it.

 It has to be the duplicated hair spline because we want to mantain its position.

7. In structure tab add a new line in the top of the list.

8. With Splinemizer plugin select all the tips typing 9 in the bottom blank space.

9. Break segments and delete vertex.

9b. With the curls object maybe you want to select the new tips of the hair and set a selection so you can delete them later and get different lenghts of hair.

Add a new line and now type 8 in the splinemizer. Set a selection and delete the top new line (if you don't do this, the hair won't render).

Now you must have the hair groups ready. In the Coordinates window set all the rotation numbers to 0 in every spline. Group your hair and move it so it fits your model's head.

Now, let's setup the hair for later duplication.

Add a Solid Splines plugin tag (by Paul Everett, if you don't have already the free version you can get Solid Splines Pro in this is a MUST have, it's very unexpensive considering all the uses you can give to the plugin, check the site's gallery) in all the three splines. Set the size to 1 and the detail to 2.

Modify the properties of the splines:

Type "cubic"

Intermediate Points "Natural"

Number "2"

For test renders you can always modify these values.